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Will Lesean McCoy become a Hall of Famer?

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

I came across an interesting article this morning that discussed former Pitt star Lesean McCoy. The focal point was really on McCoy's workload this upcoming season with the Buffalo Bills, but there was a mention of his Hall of Fame chances early in the article.

McCoy is referring to his pursuit of 10,000 career rushing yards and then 12,000 career rushing yards. He is just shy of 9,000 yards for his career and will turn 29 this summer before his third season the Buffalo Bills. Early in his career, McCoy had people tell him he had the talent to get to the Hall of Fame some day. Now he's staring down the numbers it would take to get there.

"The only thing missing is a couple more years, a couple more thousand yards and some winning games," McCoy said Thursday. "That's what every player strives to do to have a great career. That's the only thing I'm missing is the ring and some more yards."

The idea that Shady can get to the Hall of Fame isn't that far-fetched. He currently ranks 37th on the all-time rushing list with 8,954 yards and he also has 382 catches for 2,930 yards. Combined, he has 73 career touchdowns.

Those numbers won't get him in since he doesn't have championships to go along with them, so it becomes a matter of how much more can he play and how effective can he be during those years.

If you look at the players ahead of him on the all-time list, it's littered with guys that aren't Hall of Famers and probably won't be so McCoy isn't a Hall of Famer right now. But he also will have a chance to leapfrog many of them in the next two years. McCoy had 1,267 rushing yards last season and two more 1,000-yard seasons would put him just outside of the top 20. He will be 29 when this season starts so he'd be 31 after those two years. How productive can he be past that? That's anybody's guess but another 1,000 would get him close to the top 15.

There's also the health aspect. So far, McCoy has been pretty durable playing at least 15 games in six of his eight NFL seasons (and no fewer than 12). But for him to improve his chances, he'll need to stay on the field.

McCoy has a lot of work to do to be under consideration if he doesn't win a championship by the time he retires. But with a few more productive seasons, he could find himself in the Hall of Fame discussion.

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