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Cardiac Hill Poll of the Day: How many basketball games will the Pitt men's team win in 2017-18?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

So, we're in the offseason, right? About 100 days left until the start of football season, it's going to be a while before we have any actual Pitt games to cover. Last year, I did a countdown featuring football players and uniform numbers and this year wanted to do something a little different.

Until the start of football season, we'll be running a daily poll. I doubt that will continue once football season starts but we'll see where it goes.

Since Pitt basketball has been such a topic of discussion with all of the roster turnover from last season, I figured we'd start off with some predictions. Next year looks like it will be a long season but we won't know until the games are played. How many of those games do you think the Panthers will win in the regular season?

As a measuring stick, the team won only 16 games this past season.

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