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Rock Bottom: CBS Sports has Pitt basketball at bottom of ACC for 2017-18

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt's basketball team isn't expected to be very good this year. Unless you're Kentucky, that sort of thing happens when you lose all five starters and also turn over nearly the entire roster.

CBS Sports has some early power rankings for the upcoming season and, to little surprise, Pitt wasn't high on the list. In fact, they were dead last:

Likely the consensus pick to finish last. Pitt had three good players last season -- Artis, Johnson and Michael Young -- yet won only four ACC games. All those guys are gone.

Ironically, Young is listed there after Jamel Artis and Cam Johnson. Earlier in the article, CBS mentioned the impact players that left the conference. They failed to list Young even though he, you know, led the entire ACC in scoring last year.

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