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Pat Narduzzi optimistic that incoming recruit Paris Ford will be eligible for Pitt football

Photo used with permission of Student Sports

While there's a lot of optimism heading into this year's Pitt football season, a cloud of sorts hangs over the program as we inch closer to training camp - the eligibility of incoming recruit Paris Ford.

Ford was the gem of a solid recruiting class for the Panthers. And as a defensive back, where Pitt needs significant help, it was hoped that he could contribute right away as a true freshman. But Ford is not yet academically eligible. On Friday, head coach Pat Narduzzi seems cautiously optimistic that Ford will be ready.

That's not a guarantee but Narduzzi also doesn't seem to believe it can't get done. Whatever Ford still has to accomplish, Pitt will obviously be better off if he's available. Even if he doesn't contribute much this year, he would benefit from getting into the program as soon as possible.

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