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Max Browne on Unitas Golden Arm Preseason Watch List

Photo used with permission of the University of Pittsburgh athletics department -

The watch lists keep coming. Pitt quarterback Max Browne was named to his first one this year as he finds himself on the preseason list for the Unitas Golden Arm Award.

That award is a little different than most in that you have to be either a senior or a fourth-year junior to win it. So a lot of the top quarterbacks will automatically be out of consideration for it right away.

Browne is one of the biggest question marks for Pitt heading into the season. He's only attempted a little over 100 passes over three years with USC before transferring to the Panthers. He is the team's unquestioned starter at this point but until we see him working with the offense in actual games, his effectiveness will remain a mystery. But on a watch list with so many quarterbacks (47) and the class specification of needing to be a four-year player, it makes sense that he would be added to the list.

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