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Reliving Pitt's 2007 victory over West Virginia

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The tenth anniversary of Pitt's historic win over West Virginia won't officially happen until later this year. But SB Nation is relieving the entire 2007 college football season and the Panthers' big 13-9 win was of course part of the discussion.

It wasn't only in the conversation, it was one of the biggest things in the college football season. SB Nation has a great article up with players from both sides and it's more than worth your time. There's lots of good perspective from Pitt guys Dave Wannstedt, Scott McKillop, Eric Thatcher, and more.

Take a look here but also tell us, what are your thoughts of that game? What do you remember the most? Me, I'll never forget that the Pitt team that year was pretty bad. This wasn't an average team beating a great team. That was a really bad season. Pitt lost by 20 to UConn and 30 to Virginia. Lost to South Florida. Lost to Rutgers. Lost to Navy.

Despite all of that, despite playing on the road, it really proved once again that anything is possible in this crazy thing we call sports. It also proved how things can dramatically turn around for the better in only one year. Pitt would go on to win nine games the next year and ten right after that. While it was a pretty bad team, they also weren't too far away from being able to win games.

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