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ACC vs. SEC All-Star Game?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

With all of the recent talk of ACC coaches staking their claim for their conference being the best in all of football, Athlon pitched an interesting idea of selecting all-star teams from the ACC and SEC. ACCFootballRx then tried to determine which conference came out on top at each position. They deemed that the ACC won the most position battles.

Joining the 'team' from the ACC was two players you would expect - Brian O'Neill and Quadree Henderson. Both were also preseason All ACC First Team media picks. Henderson was given the nod over SEC kick returner Evan Berry but O'Neill lost his matchup with the SEC's Ross Pierschbacher. That matchup isn't a true head-to-head, however, since O'Neill is a tackle and Pierschbacher is a guard.

These things are always arbitrary, obviously. Still, an interesting idea to compare the top players in the conferences.

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