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Pat Narduzzi comments following suspensions of Pitt players

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday, Pitt dismissed defensive lineman Rori Blair from the team and suspended Jordan Whitehead, Quintin Wirginis, and Alex Bookser. Head coach Pat Narduzzi commented briefly in a statement:

"Our program’s foundation will always be built on discipline and personal responsibility," Narduzzi said. "These are highly disappointing situations but I am hopeful that each of these young men will be better, stronger and wiser after taking accountability for their actions.

"Alex Bookser will sit out the season-opening game and has also been subject to internal disciplinary measures and accountability. I’m confident he will make better decisions moving forward.

"In addition to sitting out multiple games, Quintin and Jordan will continue to be held accountable to internal standards of conduct."

Not much here but Narduzzi does mention the popular additional internal disciplinary measures. Those won't be known but take it for it's worth.

No reference was made specifically on Blair but that wasn't too surprising in that Narduzzi mentioned he was hopeful that the remaining players would essentially learn from their mistakes. Not that that isn't true for Blair, too, but with him dismissed, he obviously won't have the chance to turn things around off the field while a member of the team.

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