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Cardiac Hill Poll of the Week: Should Pitt restore its royal blue and yellow colors?

Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Last week, Pitt athletics director Heather Lyke discussed a variety of topics. One of them was a potential return to the school's former royal blue and yellow colors. Pitt will wear the colors for a couple of football games again this year but a full-time change is possible, per Lyke.

In an interview Tuesday with Pittsburgh media, Lyke was asked about the possibility of the athletic department returning to its royal-blue-and-yellow color scheme and said, “I’m not going to say the conversation has not not happened.”

The colors in question are the ones Pitt wore this past season in both football and basketball. They aren't the old blue and mustard colors from the Dan Marino era. Rather, they're a throwback of sorts to the colors worn by the school in the late 1980s/early 1990s with a brighter yellow and lighter blue than the current navy color.

In general, I've mostly come around to the idea of changing the colors. The biggest reason isn't so much that I think they're great colors. They're just so much more distinctive than what the school wears now. Iterations of Pitt's current navy/gold colors can be found at so many different programs in college sports - Notre Dame, Navy, FIU, Georgia Tech, etc. There's just not really much unique about them.

The royal blue and yellow, though, are much more unique. The Delaware Blue Hens use those colors but they're in FCS. I'm not sure of any other FBS program that uses them.

I do think that if Pitt were to change the colors, they'd lose some luster over time. But at least they would still be something mostly unique to the Panthers.

I know that some folks prefer the navy and gold and there's no doubt that those colors are pretty clean. To me, this is much less about a problem with those colors as it is the chance to have something much more distinctive. But that said, I'd love to have others weigh in. Should Pitt change its colors back to the royal blue and yellow on a full-time basis?

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