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2017-18 Pitt wrestling schedule taking shape

On Friday, Pitt announced the home portion of its wrestling schedule for next season. At home, the Panthers will face Clarion, North Dakota State, Oklahoma, and South Dakota State in the non-conference. Conference duals include North Carolina State, Virginia, and Virginia Tech.

As usual, that's a pretty challenging group. Four of those teams finished the season ranked.

Road opponents will include at least North Carolina and Duke since those are conference teams. With only six ACC teams, Pitt will have a 3-2 advantage in terms of home/road contests every other year and next season they'll be the beneficiary of that.

South Dakota State is an interesting addition. They're a rising program and it's the first time the two teams will have ever met. They're led by Chris Bono who, you might remember, was discussed as a potential candidate for the Panthers' head coaching job before Keith Gavin was hired. Bono reportedly turned down the gig, opting to stay at South Dakota State.

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