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Memo: If Steven Adams is your teammate, don't be cheap

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

There are plenty of stories of professional athletes going the cheap route when it comes to tipping. But if you're a teammate of former Pitt basketball player Steven Adams, this should serve as a warning of sorts.

So, Oklahoma City Thunder guard Andre Roberson ordered a bottle of something at a bar that had a price tag of nearly $500. nbd, if you're a multi-millionaire. Because Roberson says there was no 'service', he simply rounded up (or tried to ... more on that in a bit) to $500. His waiter called him out on Twitter and, welp, now it's public. Bad look.

Roberson's bottle was $487.13. He added a gratuity of $13.87 to get him to, what he thought, would be an even $500. Looking past the fact that it actually made it $501, Roberson's tip was for about 3%.

Meanwhile, Roberson wanted to check in on teammate Steven Adams to see how his summer was going.

Um, bad idea.

Moral of the story: Do not be cheap around Steven Adams. He will let you know about it.

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