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Pitt Football Training Camp: Pat Narduzzi discusses recent suspensions

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt football's training camp opened today so we'll have a pretty busy month. Head coach Pat Narduzzi still isn't opening up the bulk of the practices to the media so any hopes to hear about how guys are doing will be extremely limited.

But the coaches and players will be available to talk after practices and, of course, Narduzzi was asked about Pitt's recent bombshell suspensions from last week.

If there was one theme from the head coach, it's that his team will be disciplined.

“First thing, this is going to be a disciplined program," Narduzzi said. "We’re going to go by details inside too. I was a coach’s kid growing up and if I was one minute late, I’m not going out for the next month. That’s just the way it is. We’re going to be disciplined. And as soon as you lose your discipline, you lose your credibility as a football coach and as a program. And we’re going to have discipline. It’s going to be little things and it’s going to vary from time to time, but that’s all in the accumulation of pride.”

He added a little more to the credibility thing, also mentioning something I said when this news happened - these aren't rookies.

“I think it’s just being consistent," said Narduzzi. "I think you have to be consistent with what you are doing."

It’s consistent to what we have done in the past. Those are older guys and we hope they make smarter decisions than some of the other guys.”

One interesting thing that Narduzzi hinted at was while it was a first-time deal one of the two players suspended for three games (Jordan Whitehead and Quintin Wirginis), the other seemed to have multiple offenses.

“Maybe one of them is a one-time deal and one is a few different things," said Narduzzi before adding, "It is what it is.”

I'm not going to get into the speculation of who did what or who was the multiple-time offender. But you can gather from that statement is that one of the two guys has been in some trouble before or had several issues with this specific incident.

Either way, Pitt will be disadvantaged in their first three contests this season.

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