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Cardiac Hill Poll of the Week: Will Paris Ford redshirt in 2017?

Justin Berl/Getty Images

Pitt's football team got some great news that top recruit, Paris Ford, has finally been ruled eligible to play. Nearing the end of training camp, he's joined the team for practices this week, as JD wrote on Monday.

Should Pitt fans get their hopes up for this year, though? Head coach Pat Narduzzi downplayed his addition, at least in terms of this year. Narduzzi actually believes Ford will need to redshirt this season.

The head coach said on Monday, "We aren't going to say, 'okay Paris, let's go, you are the savior.' That isn't going to happen. In my opinion, he is going to redshirt, and if something else happens besides that, it's a miracle. It is just too hard to come in as a kid like that. We are just happy he is here, he's in school and that's the main thing."

That will be disappointing to some, especially with Pitt's secondary needing all the help it can get. That's magnified not only by the fact that the unit was abysmal last year but also that the team is missing arguably its top defensive back in Jordan Whitehead, who is suspended for the first three games.

Do you believe Narduzzi here or is this just a smokescreen? Even if he legitimately believes that Ford will need to redshirt this season, do you think that changes?

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