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Max Browne to start at QB, officially

The USC grad transfer will start for Pitt, Pat Narduzzi announces

Max Browne Football

It was assumed right when Max Browne announced he was transferring to Pitt, but he’s officially been named the start for Youngstown State by Pat Narduzzi.

Max Browne was the starter for USC going into the 2016 season, but after a rough few games, was replaced with now Heisman favorite Sam Darnold.

The reports from practice have indicated that Max Browne’s competition mostly came from RS Sophomore Ben Dinucci, who saw some action in last year’s bowl game after Nate Peterman got hurt. There is a certain amount of buzz about true freshman Kenny Pickett as well, but the logic is likely to redshirt him this year and compete for the starting job next year.

Browne is Pitt’s 3rd grad transfer quarterback to start in 4 years (Nate Peterman, Tom Savage). However, both of those former Pitt quarterbacks are on NFL rosters, and Pitt had good play out of both while they were here, especially Peterman. While it’s not great to have a new starter every year, Pitt has taken advantage of using grad transfers at a position it’s had very little depth at the last few years.

Hopefully, Browne’s season at Pitt goes as well as his predecessor’s did.