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Cardiac Hill Predicts the College Football Season

The staff and friends take a stab at forecasting the 2017 college football season.

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Features Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The tradition continues for another year. In each of the past two seasons members of Cardiac Hill and former writers for the site have tried to predict the college football season. As you might guess, those prediction are spotty at best.

So we will try our best to do the same once again. Last weekend was a “soft” opening of college football, but it’s back 100% in all it’s glory this weekend. Everyone here at Cardiac Hill is excited for Pitt football, and college football in general. So as you settle in to watch Indiana and Ohio State tonight, check out our picks.

Here is this year’s trusty panel.

Cardiac Hill staff

  • Anson Whaley - He correctly picked Clemson to win it all last year.
  • J.D. Schroderer - J.D. picked Dewayne Hendrix to have a breakout year, turned out he got in hurt in the first quarter of the first game.
  • Corey Cohen - Corey had LSU to win it all last season.....
  • viewfromtheZoo32 - He’s new around here, so we’ll see what he’s got.
  • P.B.S. - That Kenny Hill Heisman pick did not age well.
  • Matt Hawley - Newbie
  • Mike Wilson - Ditto
  • JimHammett - I said the Clemson game last year wasn’t winnable so....

Former Cardiac Hill Contributors.

  • Aron Minkoff - Aron picked Pitt to win the Coastal last year, I like the optimism.
  • Spilly - In a bit of an upset, HB Blades did not win ACC Defensive Player of the Year.
  • Dan Sostek - Dan was out in front of the Lamar Jackson hype train.
  • Adam Bittner - Adam picked Darrin Hall for 2 different Pitt related categories, it didn’t work out well.
  • Bryan (PittScript) - He didn’t make any picks last year, wise man.
  • Bryan (The other one) - Bryan had Quadree Henderson as his breakout player, good call.
  • MikeO - Like everyone else, he incorrectly picked Damar Hamlin to be Pitt’s top freshman.
  • Pat - Pat’s Leonard Fournette Heisman pick did not pan out.
  • Jesse Irwin - His James Conner Heisman pick was a bit ambitious.
  • Chris Bruno - Chris was too trusting of Miami, will he make the same mistake this year?

ACC Coastal Pick

Anson - Miami
JD - Miami
Corey - Virginia Tech
viewfromtheZoo32 - Miami
PBS - Virginia Tech
Matt Hawley - Virginia Tech
Mike Wilson - Miami
JimHammett - Miami

Aron - Virginia Tech
Spilly - Virginia Tech
Dan - Miami
Adam - NOT Miami
Bryan (PittScript) - Georgia Tech
Bryan - Virginia Tech
MikeO - Miami
Pat - Virginia Tech
Jesse - Pitt
Chris - Miami

ACC Atlantic Pick

Anson - Florida State
JD - Florida State
Corey - Florida State
viewfromtheZoo32 - Florida State
PBS - Florida State
Matt Hawley - Florida State
Mike Wilson - Florida State
JimHammett - Florida State

Aron - Florida State
Spilly - Louisville
Dan - Florida State
Adam - Florida State
Bryan (PittScript) - Florida State
Bryan - Florida State
MikeO - Florida State
Pat - NC State
Jesse - Louisville
Chris - Florida State

ACC Offensive Player of the Year

Anson - Lamar Jackson QB Louisville
JD - Deondre Francois QB Florida State
Corey - Lamar Jackson QB Louisville
viewfromtheZoo32 - Lamar Jackson QB Louisville
PBS - Lamar Jackson QB Louisville
Matt Hawley - Lamar Jackson QB Louisville
Mike Wilson - Lamar Jackson QB Louisville
JimHammett - Lamar Jackson QB Louisville

Aron - Lamar Jackson QB Louisville
Spilly - Lamar Jackson QB Louisville
Dan - Deondre Francois QB Florida State
Adam - Lamar Jackson QB Louisville
Bryan (PittScript) - Lamar Jackson QB Louisville
Bryan - Deondre Francois QB Florida State
MikeO - Deondre Francois QB Florida State
Pat - Lamar Jackson QB Louisville
Jesse - Lamar Jackson QB Louisville
Chris - Lamar Jackson QB Louisville

ACC Defensive Player of the Year

Anson - Derwin James S Florida State
JD - Derwin James S Florida State
Corey - Christian Wilkins DT Clemson
viewfromtheZoo32 - Harold Landry DE Boston College
PBS - Derwin James S Florida State
Mike Wilson - Harold Landry DE Boston College
JimHammett - Derwin James S Florida State

Aron - Harold Landry DE Boston College
Spilly - Derwin James S Florida State
Dan - Derwin James S Florida State
Adam - Christian Wilkins DT Clemson
Bryan (PittScript) - Bradley Chubb DE NC State
Bryan - Harold Landry DE Boston College
MikeO - Dexter Lawrence DT Clemson
Pat - Derwin James S Florida State
Jesse - Josh Sweat DE Florida State
Chris - Harold Landry DE Boston College


Anson - Baker Mayfield QB Oklahoma
JD - Sam Darnold QB USC
Corey - JT Barrett QB Ohio State
viewfromtheZoo32 - Baker Mayfield QB Oklahoma
PBS - Saquon Barkley RB Penn State
Matt Hawley - Sam Darnold QB USC
Mike Wilson - Sam Darnold QB USC
JimHammett - JT Barrett QB Ohio State

Aron - Josh Rosen QB UCLA
Spilly _ Lamar Jackson QB Louisville
Dan - Mason Rudolph QB Oklahoma State
Adam - Sam Darnold QB USC
Bryan (PittScript) - Saquon Barkley RB Penn State
Bryan - Baker Mayfield QB Oklahoma
MikeO - Baker Mayfield QB Oklahoma
Pat - Sam Darnold QB USC
Jesse - EJ Borghetti SID Pitt
Chris - Sam Darnold QB USC

National Champion Prediction

Anson - Alabama over Ohio State
JD - USC over PSU
Corey - Ohio State over Alabama
viewfromtheZoo32 - Alabama over Florida State
PBS - Florida State over Oklahoma
Matt Hawley - Alabama over USC
Mike Wilson - Alabama over Ohio State
JimHammett - Florida State over USC

Aron - Alabama
Spilly - Alabama, per the usual roughly biennial Sabanic dark sacrifice
Dan - Alabama
Adam - Alabama
Bryan (PittScript) - Florida State
Bryan - USC
MikeO - Alabama
Pat - USC
Jesse - Pitt
Chris - USC

Pitt Offensive MVP

Anson - Jester Weah WR
JD - Jester Weah WR
Corey - Quadree Henderson WR
viewfromtheZoo32 - Quadree Henderson WR
PBS - Quadree Henderson WR
Matt Hawley - Quadree Henderson WR
Mike Wilson - Qadree Ollison RB
JimHammett - Max Browne QB

Aron - Max Browne QB
Spilly - Quadree Henderson WR
Dan - Quadree Henderson WR
Adam - Brian O’Neill LT
Bryan (PittScript) - Quadree Henderson WR
Bryan - Qadree Ollison RB
MikeO - Chris Clark TE
Pat - Jester Weah WR
Jesse - Quadree Henderson WR
Chris - Quadree Henderson, though I really want to say Brian O'Neil here.

Pitt Defensive MVP

Anson - Dewayne Hendrix DE
JD - Saleem Brightwell
Corey - Dewayne Hendrix DE
viewfromtheZoo32 - Dewayne Hendrix DE
PBS - No
Matt Hawley - Dewayne Hendrix DE
Mike Wilson - Jordan Whitehead S
JimHammett - Saleem Brightwell LB

Aron - Jordan Whitehead S
Spilly - A bag that blows in from the stands and trips a WR, becoming the #1 safety in the process
Dan - Saleem Brightwell LB
Adam - Saleem Brightwell LB
Bryan (PittScript) - Dewayne Hendrix DE
Bryan - Avonte Maddox CB
MikeO - Dewayne Hendrix DE
Pat - Kam Carter DT
Jesse - Jordan Whitehead S
Chris - Let's go with Dewayne Hendrix again...UGH stay healthy!

Pitt Breakout Candidate

Anson - Dewayne Hendrix DE
JD - Keyshon Camp DT
Corey - Chris Clark TE
PBS - Damar Hamlin CB
Matt Hawley - Chawntez Moss RB
Mike Wilson - Damar Hamlin CB
JimHammett - Rashad Weaver DE

Aron - Max Browne QB
Spilly - Homecoming Bobblehead of James Conner
Dan - Saleem Brightwell LB
Adam - Jester Weah WR
Bryan (PittScript) - Damar Hamlin CB
Bryan - Ruben Flowers III WR
MikeO - Therran Coleman CB
Pat - Maurice Ffrench WR
Jesse - Heather Lyke AD
Chris - Chris Clark TE

Pitt’s Top Freshman

Anson - Keyshon Camp DT
JD - Damarri Mathis CB
Corey - Alex Kessman K
viewfromtheZoo32 - Therran Coleman CB
PBS - Jimmy Morrissey C
Matt Hawley - Keyshon Camp DT
Mike Wilson - Damarri Mathis CB
JimHammett - Damarri Mathis CB

Aron - AJ Davis RB
Spilly - Theodore Blewitt, the strangely old walk on kicker here to save a beaten to death Twitter joke
Dan - Dontavius Butler-Jenkins WR
Adam - Todd Sibley RB
Bryan (PittScript) - Rashad Weaver DE
Bryan - Damarri Mathis CB
MikeO - AJ Davis RB
Pat - Dontavius Butler-Jenkins WR
Jesse - Alex Kessman K
Chris - AJ Davis...was so going to say Paris Ford, but just too far behind right now.

Pitt’s Toughest Game

Anson - @ Penn State
JD - @ Penn State
Corey - @ Penn State
viewfromtheZoo32 - Penn State
PBS - Oklahoma State
Matt Hawley - @ Penn State
Mike Wilson - Miami
JimHammett - @ Georgia Tech (plaything the triple option directly after PSU and OK State is going to be tough)

Aron - @ PSU
Spilly - Syracuse, when the game is called a tie at 1437 points each in centuple overtime
Dan - Oklahoma State
Adam - The one after their biggest win
Bryan (PittScript) - @ Penn State
Bryan - @ Penn State
MikeO - Oklahoma State
Pat - @ Virginia Tech
Jesse - The National Championship Game
Chris - @ Penn State

Pitt’s Final Record

Anson - 8-4
JD - 8-4
Corey - 7-5
viewfromtheZoo32 - 8-4
PBS - 6-6
Matt Hawley - 8-4
Mike Wilson - 8-4
JimHammett - 8-4

Aron - 8-4
Spilly - 69-0
Dan - 7-5
Adam - 8-5
Bryan (PittScript) - 6-6
Bryan - 9-3
MikeO - 7-5
Pat - 7-5
Jesse - 8-4
Chris - 7-5. Would love 8.