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King of the Hill: ACC Power Rankings (Week 4)

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Updated ACC power rankings for this week. Virtually no movement this week and I only flip-flopped Louisville and Miami, dropping the Cardinals a spot after an ugly loss to Clemson.

So Pitt should drop, too, right? Well, in the Panthers' case, I kept them at No. 11 for one main reason. Despite being 1-2, they still don't have an ugly loss on their resume while teams below them do. Syracuse lost to Middle Tennessee last week and Virginia was beaten by 17 by Indiana. That's a different case than Miami, who remains undefeated since they haven't played in a few weeks due to Hurricane Irma.

If Syracuse and Virginia manage to win those games, I still don't believe they're as good as Pitt. But they would be ranked higher due to being undefeated. With those bad losses, though, it's difficult to move them up.

As always, let me know where you agree/disagree.

1. (1) Clemson (3-0) - Dominant win over No. 14 Louisville, 47-21

2. (2) Florida State (0-1) - Game vs. Miami postponed

3. (3) Virginia Tech (3-0) - Blowout win over East Carolina, 64-17

4. (5) Miami (1-0) - Game vs. Miami postponed

5. (4) Louisville (2-1) - Had to drop, if only a spot, after 26-point loss to Clemson - a closer game and they don't move

6. (6). Duke (3-0) - 34-20 win over Baylor, who remains winless

7. (7) Wake Forest (3-0) - 46-10 win over Utah State

8. (8) Georgia Tech (1-1) - Game against Central Florida was canceled

9. (9) North Carolina State (2-1) - 49-16 win over Furman

10. (10) North Carolina (1-2) - 53-23 win over Old Dominion

11. (11) Pitt (1-2) - 59-21 loss to Oklahoma State

12. (12) Syracuse (2-1) - 41-17 win over Central Michigan

13. (13) Virginia (2-1) - 38-18 win over UConn

14. (14) Boston College (1-2) - 49-20 loss to Notre Dame

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