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King of the Hill: ACC Power Rankings (Week 5)

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Unlike last week, lots of changes in the conference power rankings. In fact, other than a few cases, everyone moved up or down.

A few notes on some of the decisions:

North Carolina State had the big jump with the Florida State win and because of that, Duke couldn't move up despite a nice win over rival North Carolina to start the year 4-0.

Florida State had the biggest tumble with the loss to the Wolfpack. They're 0-2 but hard to drop them too much at this stage.

Wake might have the biggest gripe since they're still 4-0 and actually dropped a couple of spots. But North Carolina State deserved to jump them with the Florida State win and 3-1 start. Georgia Tech also leapfrogged them after beating Pitt by 18 points. Wake fell because they only beat Appalachian State by a single point.

Locally, I dropped Pitt two spots to 13th and below Syracuse. The Cuse are 2-2 and also played a Top 25 LSU team fairly close on the road, which was much more impressive than the beating the Panthers took against, presumably, a weaker team.

As always, would love to hear about your agreements/disagreements.

1. (1) Clemson (4-0) - 34-7 win over Boston College

2. (3) Virginia Tech (4-0) - 38-0 win over Old Dominion

3. (4) Miami (2-0) - 52-30 win over Toledo

4. (5) Louisville (3-1) - 42-3 win over Kent State

5. (9) North Carolina State (3-1) - 27-21 road win over Florida State

6. (6). Duke (4-0) - 27-17 win over North Carolina on the road

7. (2) Florida State (0-2) - Lost to North Carolina State

8. (8) Georgia Tech (2-1) - 35-17 win over Pitt

9. (7) Wake Forest (4-0) - 20-19 win over Appalachian State

10. (13) Virginia (3-1) - 42-23 road win at Boise State

11. (10) North Carolina (1-3) - Lost to Duke

12. (12) Syracuse (2-2) - 35-26 loss on the road to LSU

13. (11) Pitt (1-3) - Lost to Georgia Tech

14. (14) Boston College (1-3) - Lost to Clemson

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