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(Don't) Bet the Farm: Cardiac Hill Pitt-Rice Picks

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Well, after last week's Pitt-Georgia Tech game, we've got a little bit more separation, but still not much. In the words of Tony Kornheiser, if you're betting with us, you're making money (and, no, you shouldn't be betting with us).

Pitt looks bad but our picks have looked good. And this week, we're going with the Panthers.

Here's a look at this week's official staff picks and the current standings. Who you got?

Anson (4-0): Pitt

JD (4-0): Pitt

Jordan (4-0): Pitt

Matt (4-0): Pitt

Stephen (4-0): Pitt

Corey (3-1): Pitt

Hokie Mark (3-1): Pitt

Jim (3-1): Pitt

Mike (3-1): Pitt

PBS (3-1): Pitt

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