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(Don't) Bet the Farm: Cardiac Hill Pitt-Penn State staff picks

Justin Berl/Getty Images

Pitt will face Penn State tomorrow in a big rivalry game and, as mentioned earlier, the Nittany Lions are heavy favorites to win.

As much as we're hoping to see a Pitt win, it's too difficult to pick against Penn State this week. The Panthers, of course, have pulled off a major road upset last year in defeating Clemson. A win is certainly within the realm of possibility but it's also something that is simply too hard to expect.

One of our guys, Mark, did go with Pitt here. So by the end of today, he'll either be alone in first place in the standings or alone at the bottom.

For our sake, let's hope he's in first.

Anson (1-0): Penn State

Corey (1-0): Penn State

Hokie Mark (1-0): Pitt

JD (1-0): Penn State

Jim (1-0): Penn State

Jordan (1-0): Penn State

Matt (1-0): Penn State

Mike (1-0): Penn State

PBS (1-0): Penn State

Stephen (1-0): Penn State

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