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Pitt defeated by Georgia Tech, 69-54

NCAA Basketball: Georgia Tech at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The woes for the Pitt basketball team continued on Saturday with another ugly loss. This one came at the hands of Georgia Tech as the Panthers were defeated, 69-54 at home.

Pitt has gotten off to some slow starts this year, but today’s took the cake. The Panthers started the game off ice cold and quickly found themselves trailing, 21-1. That’s not a typo.

To their credit, Pitt did fight back. The Panthers went on a run of their own and several times, cut it to single digits. But as you often see with teams forced to make big comebacks, it took so much work to get back in the game that Pitt simply couldn’t get ahead and ran out of gas.

Pitt continues to do next to nothing offensively. Without Luther, I don’t think fans expect the Panthers to be scoring 75 and 80 points. But Pitt scored 54 today and has been in the 50s in every ACC game except against Virginia Tech. There’s offense that’s not good and offense that’s downright terrible.

Guess which one this is?