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Report: Four Pitt Football players have left the program

A number of younger players have decided to move on from Pitt

Pittsburgh v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

As first reported by Chris Peak of Panther-Lair, four Pitt players are moving on from Pitt.

-RS Sophomore DL Kam Carter (of previous Last Chance U fame)

-RS Freshman DL Kaezon Pugh

-RS Freshman DB/LB Henry Miller

-RS Sophomore DB Malik Henderson

Kam Carter is not a super surprising move. Carter came in from JUCO and did play a fair amount this last year, but was pushed out of the two deep by the end of the year. He has talent so this a bit disappointing but Pitt has developed the defensive line fairly well over this season, and should be a strength going into next season even without Karter

Malik Henderson only got in a few games in 2016, and did not see the field in 2017. Not surprising he would want to move on.

Kaezon Pugh is only a little bit surprising because there have been rumors he was on the way out the last several weeks. He’s a disappointment to lose because he’s a physical freak and still very young, but hasn’t seen the field yet. Being a local product from Aliquippa , he’s also a little more high profile of a loss image wise.

Henry Miller is by far the most surprising move. I think this is simply having a log jam in front of him at his projected position. He came into Pitt as a tall DB, but was moved to linebacker coming into this season. There’s talent in front of him, and he might have had to wait another year, so he may have decided to find an opportunity elsewhere.

The 2016 class, Narduzzi’s highest rated so far, is started to lose a significant chunk of the players. However, that class already has a large amount of contributors on the field as well.

Jim also brings up a good point:

Pitt is still returning a ton of players for next year, and a lot of that depth is fairly young. Attrition always doesn’t look great, but hopefully Narduzzi can replace some of the guys lost today with good talent before the 2018 class ends.