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(Don’t) Bet the Farm: Cardiac Hill’s Pitt-Virginia Picks

NCAA Football: Virginia at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

I can’t speak for anyone else here but I really struggled with my pick for tonight’s game. I changed my mind a handful of times before finally settling on the Panthers.

There are plenty of reasons to take Virginia here, which a couple of our guys did. They’re 6-2 and ranked in the Top 25. They’re playing at home where they are a perfect 5-0. Pitt is on the road and, this year, they’re 0-3 when doing so. The Cavaliers have looked very good defensively while Pitt was, at least last week, a train wreck on that side of the ball.

A few things made me take the Panthers here, though. For one thing, much like Duke and Syracuse, I think the Cavaliers’ record is a bit inflated due to a really light schedule. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not better than Pitt, mind you. But it does mean I don’t really have the appreciation for their 6-2 record that some might. Pitt also kept their two stars on offense in check for the most part last season and many defensive players returned. There are the wild cards of V’Lique Carter and Alex Kessman to consider, too. I’m not crazy about Pitt’s chances here but do think they have a good shot to win.

What about you?

Anson (7-1) - Pitt

JD (6-2) - Pitt

Jordan (5-3) - Pitt

Matt (4-4) - Virginia

Mike (4-4) - Pitt

Stephen (4-4) - Pitt

Corey (3-5) - Virginia

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