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2018-19 Cardiac Hill Staff Pitt Basketball Picks

NCAA Basketball: ACC Operation Basketball Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Unlike football, we won’t be doing daily game picks for the Pitt basketball team. But I did want to give everyone here a chance to weigh in with some season predictions for the season as Pitt officially opens tonight with Youngstown State.

With that said, here are our official picks for records for the Pitt men’s basketball team.

Anson (13-18 overall / 4-14 in ACC)

Corey (13-18 overall / 3-13 in ACC)

JD (14-17 overall / 3-15 in ACC)

Jordan (14-17 overall / 4-14 in ACC)

Matt (14-17 overall / 4-14 in ACC)

Mike (15-16 overall / 4-14 in ACC)

Stephen (15-16 overall / 5-13 in ACC)

Interestingly, based on alphabetical order of our first names, our picks got surprisingly more optimistic as a whole.

As you can see, everyone here expects the Panthers to improve over last season’s dismal 8-24 mark. Pitt went winless in the ACC and, well, it was as big of a disaster as it sounds. The bad news is that, while we all see some improvement, we’re also expecting a pretty bleak year. In reality, these picks might even be too optimistic as they’d represent a pretty big improvement from last year. Facts are facts and the team is going to be relying a bit on young players and also rolling out an almost-entirely new roster.

Brighter days are ahead but just not this season.

What are your predictions for the year?