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Pitt Football to play New Hampshire in 2021 at Heinz Field

The Wildcats of New Hampshire will travel to Heinz Field to be part of Pitt’s out of conference schedule in 2021

NCAA Football: New Hampshire at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

College football is always a little bit weird in that the scheduled games are at least a few years out into the future when they’re agreed to. Today’s announcement from New Hampshire was no different as they announced they were heading to Kansas in 2020, and coming to Pitt in 2021.

Pitt will be playing New Hampshire on 9/25/21. Pitt also has a game at Tennessee scheduled for the 2021 season. Pitt still needs to fill two more spots in its out of conference schedule. It will be interesting to see what direction Pitt goes as fans have rightly criticized the school for scheduling too tough in the nonconference. Both this 2018 season and 2017 season were great examples of that.

Bonus fun fact: Pitt last played New Hampshire in 2010 when Dave Wannstedt was still coach. Pitt has since hired 4 full time head coaches since then, while New Hampshire’s coach, Sean McDonnell is currently in his 20th season.