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Pitt vs. New Orleans: Open Gamethread

The Pitt men’s basketball team is back in action tonight facing New Orleans. After tonight, the Panthers will have only one more non-conference game left against Colgate.

Tonight’s game, like many of the non-con contests, is expected to go Pitt’s way. As we saw against Niagara a few games back, anything is possible. But the Panthers enter the game as the favorite to win.

The Privateers (you could have given me a million guesses at their school name and I wouldn’t have come up with it) are 5-4 but haven’t beaten anyone of substance with wins against some teams called Spring Hill, Pensacola Christian College, Williams Baptist, and Governors State as well as South Alabama. They’ve been competitive in most of their losses but were pasted by 30 against Northwestern and haven’t won a road game yet.

Game time is at 7:00 p.m. and you can catch it on WatchESPN.

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