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10 Game Review: Pitt Women’s Basketball

After a rough 2-4 start, Pitt has won 4 straight

The Pitt Men’s basketball team wasn’t the only team to make a coaching change this past off season. After a 10-20 overall record and 2-14 in conference, Suzie McConnell-Serio was dismissed by Heather Lyke, and Florida State assistant Lance White was hired to replace her.

After the 1st 10 games of the season, the results so far are mixed. Up to this point, Pitt has the same 6-4 record it did after 10 games last year. However, they’ve come to that point a bit differently. Last year’s team’s started 5-1, and then hobbled to 6-4. This year, Pitt started 2-4 and has won the last 4 straight. One difference from last year is Pitt also owns victories over two other Power 5 teams while last year they lost all of their out of conference games against Power 5 opponents. It took until January 18th of last year for them to beat their first Power 5 opponent.

What’s been slightly strange about this team is its highest scoring player, Aysia Bugg hasn’t played since game 5. It’s not 100% clear why, but the team has been winning without her.

A good barometer for this team will be the West Virginia game tomorrow night. Pitt lost to WVU by 19 last year, so making it a win or close game (despite whatever attrition WVU has had) would be a good sign of progress. After that, Duquesne will be their last major challenge play before conference play begins against Notre Dame