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Pitt vs. Florida State: Open Gamethread

A few days ago, I wrote that Pitt had a key stretch with their last five games of the basketball season. No, they aren’t going to the NCAA Tournament. And no, they aren’t going to be able to turn around what’s been a terrible season.

But what Pitt could do is give some hope for next year by playing some close games and winning one or two in the conference. After holding a double-digit lead against Boston College, the Panthers were then defeated by 23 points, so things aren’t off to a great start.

I maintain these are important games to Stallings. If he is already guaranteed to get another season as head coach, perhaps they are not too significant. But that athletics director Heather Lyke has not come out and said he will definitely be back is a noteworthy observation and leads me to believe that an absolute train wreck in these last games could have an impact on his future. That could be wishful thinking but Stallings does not appear to have any sort of public vote of confidence for, well, anything.

Next up is Florida State and it’s one of two road games the team has left. It’s an important game for the Seminoles, who are fighting to get into the NCAA Tournament so it would be surprising if they didn’t come out ready to play.

Game time is at 6:00 p.m. and it’s on ESPNU. I’m back from a much-needed vacation and should be around for the first time in several games. Join us here to comment live during the game.

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