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Pitt vs. Virginia: Open Gamethread

Today’s Pitt game would seem to represent an impossible task. On one side, you’ve got the No. 1 team in the nation in Virginia. And, in the other corner, we’ve got a team on the verge of going winless in the conference.

The truth, however, is ... okay, well, that is the truth.

The reality is that this is a virtually impossible situation. The Panthers do, mercifully, get the game at home. But truthfully, that’s all they have in their favor. There’s no reason why Pitt should be able to keep this thing all that close.

Virginia isn’t a fast-paced team and doesn’t score a ton of points. So, I suppose if Pitt shot lights out, maybe it is closer than most project. But that seems like a pipe dream given that Pitt’s defense typically hasn’t been great this year.

Game time is at 4:00 p.m. Stephen will be at the game covering it for us and should be at the presser afterwards. Give him a follow on Twitter @Stephen_Gertz. And join us here to comment live through the game, which will be on ESPNU.

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