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Pitt DB Coach Renaldo Hill heading to the Miami Dolphins

Narduzzi loses a staff member, but hired his replacement a few weeks ago

Miami v Pittsburgh Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

When Archie Collins was hired by Pitt away from Central Michigan a few weeks ago, it raise a few eyebrows because Collins seemed to have an overlap in expected duties/responsibilities as Pitt defensive backs coach Renaldo Hill. It’s clear now why that is, as Renaldo Hill will be heading to the NFL with the Miami Dolphins:

It’s not uncommon for these types of moves to come out after signing day when schools already have their prospective athletes signed on to them permanently. An athlete playing a certain position could certainly be turned off by knowing the guy recruiting them to that position may not be even there when they get to the school. Cognizant of that, some schools keep it quiet until the athlete signs. It’s unclear if Pitt informed any of its defensive backs commitments that Hill would be moving on.

After Chris Peak broke the news, Narduzzi issued a statement commenting on Hill’s departure:

Hill did decently well while at Pitt. He was part of Narduzzi’s original staff, and recruiting his position well. Last year’s defensive backs were closer to “dumpster fire” territory than you’d like, but the defensive backs definitely showed improvement this year. Narduzzi already has Hill’s replacement on the staff, and it’ll be interesting to see what Collins brings to the team.