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Report: Marcus Carr has decided to transfer from Pitt

Pitt will need a new starting point guard for next year.

ACC Basketball Tournament - First Round Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

After taking a roughly a month to mull it over, Marcus Carr has officially decided he is leaving Pitt, per an article with 247’s Evan Daniels

Pittsburgh transfer Marcus Carr announced shortly after Kevin Stallings was dismissed that he was considering transferring. Carr has since informed 247Sports that he’s definitely leaving and looking for a new home.

“I’m just trying to make the best decision for me and my career,” Carr told 247Sports late Thursday evening.

Carr transferring is definitely a loss. There’s been a lot of “how good could he be if they went 0-18”, but Carr was one of 3-4 players that showed real promise especially considering most were just freshman. It’s unclear if Carr would have wanted out if Kevin Stallings had been retained, but his comments point to he might have been gone either way.

“I kind of see myself as a winner, I have been winning my whole life and I just want to be in a position where I can really win. Just watching this year, especially this year in the tournament and postseason play I know that’s somewhere I want to be.”

I think it would hard for him to say he values winning as much as he says here, and continue with the same coach that went winless in the ACC, but Stallings was dismissed, so here we are.

This is probably a bit frustrating for Jeff Capel as well, as he met with each of the players individually weeks ago to figure out what their decision would be. He couldn’t quite know what to recruit with their decisions up in the air, so he was in essence waiting on them.

Capel will inherit a slightly better situation than Stallings had given himself coming into this past season, but Capel will quickly be able to get his type of players in and start to build the team back up. Capel has started to hit the recruiting circuit hard, but he now has quite a few spots to fill. It will be a big test for his staff to get quality players to fill out the team for next year. Next year may be a slight improvement over last year, but Capel will need time and more players to be able to build Pitt back up.