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ACC wants more college basketball teams in NCAA tournament because ... there are too many bowl games?

NCAA Basketball: ACC Media Day Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

It’s never enough, right?

A lot of folks have been clamoring for even more teams to get into the NCAA basketball tournament and you can count ACC commissioner John Swofford among them. Swofford, on behalf of the conference, will be proposing an additional four teams to get into the NCAAs.

“The idea of having two First Fours, if you will, maybe geographic,” Swofford told reporters in Florida, according to the Raleigh News & Observer. “That’s such a quick turnaround. You could have one maybe in Dayton and one in the western part of the states. But we will be proposing that.”

And Miami coach Jim Larranaga is on board.

“There are always bubble teams that could have and should have been invited that could go on a big run that don’t get invited,” Larranaga said. “... Sixty-eight of 351 Division I teams make the field. That’s 19 percent of the teams. Seventy-two teams would make it 20 percent. That is not a huge increase when you compare it to how many football teams make it to a bowl game.”

You don’t need me to tell you why a lot of coaches would like to see this. Their jobs often hinge on NCAA Tournament appearances and, essentially, the more teams that get in the better when it comes to their job security.

The real kicker? I mean, do you want to know why this is really amusing? Just look at this heaping pile of garbage, will you?

Swofford said the men’s basketball coaches endorsed the proposal, citing more postseason opportunities for football teams compared to basketball teams.

Yes, you read that right. Essentially, the ACC is pointing to the obscene number of bowl games in football and figures that kind of absurdity should also exist in their sport.

Never mind the fact that almost all of those bowl teams aren’t playing for a national championship while the basketball teams would be. And never mind that, in basketball, you have the NIT and the CBI, which already unnecessarily extend the seasons for undeserving teams. Actually, if you think about it, what Swofford and the ACC coaches that voted for this are saying is that those tournaments don’t even matter.

Me? What do I think? I’m not much of a fan. Expanding it to 68 was already unnecessary and this is just piling on that.

Larranaga’s point, as is the point of those wanting everybody and their brother to get in, is that there are always undeserving teams that get left out. But that’s in the context of some of the lesser teams that make it. In reality, that problem will always exist. Make it 128 teams and we’ll be complaining about the 129th.

It’s not life-changing either way, of course, but at what point is enough kind of enough?

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