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Indiana Transfer WR Taysir Mack ruled immediately eligible by NCAA, will play in 2018 season

Pat Narduzzi and Pitt get a huge boost on offense for the coming year

Indiana v Purdue Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

We’re not entirely sure how, but Pitt Compliance and Pat Narduzzi have convinced the NCAA to grant sophomore wide receiver Taysir Mack a waiver to play immediately for after transferring from Indiana at the end of last season.

A clue of what Pitt thought of its chances of this happening were is how little reps they were giving Mack during camp. He hasn’t really been getting 1st or 2nd team reps, so this may have been a bit of a surprise to them.

Whatever Pitt’s reasoning to convince them or the NCAA’s reasoning for letting this happen, this is a big boost to the Pitt offense. The wide receiver position was a little bit of a concern for many because of the lack of experience and no real proven threat. Reports from the spring touted Mack as likely the best receiver on the team, so this adds a shot in the arm to a position group that needed it.

If Kenny Pickett is all that we and the staff hope him to be, adding a talented wide receiver into the mix even this late in the game could really make a difference on the field this coming season.