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This Date in Panthers History - September 27, 2003

Oh mercy! He’s done it again! The man is remarkable!

Virginia Tech v Pittsburgh Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

No time machine this time. I thought we could use a pick-me-up. So here’s Larry doing Larry things.

In September of 2002, the Aggies beat Pitt 14-12 in a defensive struggle at Heinz Field. Fitzgerald carried the offense with 10 receptions for 103 yards. The Panthers had a chance to tie late but Rutherford’s two-point conversion attempt intended for Fitzgerald was broken up. Larry swore vengeance against their secondary. Here are the results in gif form.

First Catch, 11 yards

Situation: 2nd and 12, Ball on Pitt 5

Fitzgerald makes a difficult catch on a high throw from Rutherford.

Pass Interference, 15 yards

Situation: 3rd and 1, Ball on Pitt 16, 9:31 1st

His last catch was marked short of the first so Pitt had a third and short. Obvious play call is to dial up a 50-yard bomb to Fitzgerald in double coverage. It’s mostly good coverage, but the DB gets an arm on him. First down.

2nd Catch, 35 yards td

Situation: 1st and 10, Ball on A&M 35, 8:22 1st

Rutherford throws it up. Defenders have no idea where the ball is. Fitzgerald does. Touchdown.

4th Catch, 13 yards

Situation: 1st and 10, Ball on A&M 43, 13:46 3rd

Not much to say here. An easy catch for another first down. I couldn’t find his 3rd catch but it went for 10 yards. He drew another pass interference call after the fourth catch that led to a Brockenbrough touchdown.

5th Catch, 10 yards

Situation: 1st and 10, Ball on A&M 14, 5:23 3rd

If you give him five or six seconds to get open, then it’s not even fair.

6th Catch, 5 yards td

Situation: 2nd and goal, Ball on A&M 5, two plays after the last catch

Rutherford fell down on 1st down. On second he stayed up long enough to throw to Fitzgerald. He doesn’t even turn around to find the ball until it nearly hits him. Musberger initially claims he juggled it. Shut up, Brent. Don’t you question Larry’s greatness. It was a clean catch.

7th Catch, 49 yards td

Situation: 3rd and 12, Ball on A&M 49, 7:22 4th

Yep, we’ve seen this one before. It needs no explanation. Just admire it.

Final Line: 7 catches for 135 yards, 3 td, and at least two pass interference calls.

Hail to Pitt.