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Pitt Softball: Q&A with Hunter Levesque

Pittsburgh Panthers

Clearly, the Pittsburgh Panthers softball team hasn’t wasted any time getting back to work since the school year started, and by the looks of it, they’re having a ton of fun doing it.

Among those enjoying the rainy days in Pittsburgh, sophomore outfielder Hunter Levesque is coming off a standout freshman campaign in which she was named to the ACC All-Freshman Team. What did Hunter think of the changes in the head coach position, and how does she intend to make another step forward this season? Well, I had the opportunity to ask her a few of those questions, and she was able to take time out of her schedule to graciously answer.

Q1: Where were you when you heard that former head coach Aprile had taken the Louisville job, and when you found out that Jodi Hermanek would be your head coach going forward? What was your reaction to both of those events?

“When I first heard Coach Holly accepted the coaching position at Louisville, I was at home with my family. My initial reaction was shocked and sad. She was not only a great coach, but a great person as well and I know she will succeed at any program. A few weeks later when Coach Hermanek was announced as our new leader, I was still in my hometown. I was happy and excited to get back on campus to meet her and get the ball rolling as a unit.”

Q2: Based on the interactions you’ve had with coach Hermanek, how is her coaching style similar and different than coach Aprile’s?

“Every coach has their own coaching style. I am honored to have played under Coach Holly this past year and I am looking forward to playing under Coach Herm for the next three years. They both provide an endless amount of knowledge, intensity and leadership to the game and they develop their players into great people on and off the field.”

Q3: Walk us through what it was like being named to the All-Freshman team last year, and what have you worked on this summer to take another step forward?

“Being named to the All-Freshman team last year was extremely humbling. I can’t thank my teammates and coaching staff enough for pushing me every day. I would not have received that honor if it wasn’t for the people I was surrounded by. This summer I worked hard on all aspects of the game and I am excited to have another great year with this team.”

Q4: Now as a sophomore, have you taken more of a leadership role on the team, particularly with the new players?

“As a team we all partake in different leadership roles. I enjoy helping the newcomers learn the ropes of how to represent Pitt and try to be a leader for them. I will push them to the best of their ability as I expect them to give me the same feedback.”

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