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(Don’t) Bet the House - Pitt vs Miami Picks

The Cardiac Hill staff make their picks for Pitt’s Homecoming

NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Our staff for the most part has been pretty united in their picks this year. I can’t recall a year where the staff had this much agreement on their predictions this far into the season.

For this game, it’s really hard not to get some “don’t screw this up, Pitt” vibes.

Nationally televised game! Homecoming! Opponent that is one nail away from mailing in their season! What could possibly go wrong for Pitt?

If one of the Pitt Hall of Famer’s is there tomorrow, you can almost guarantee a loss.

However, maybe this team has that it factor that they’re just good at winning games, no matter the method. The defense has just been so legit that it’s hard to imagine many games where Pitt won’t be in it till the end. Maybe it depends on what Miami team shows up, who’s been up and down to say the least so far this year.

Having said all that, our staff was united again this week with all us calling for a Pitt win.

Anson (5-2) – Pitt

JD (5-2) – Pitt

Jordan (5-2) – Pitt

Stephen (5-2) – Pitt

Corey (5-2) – Pitt

Mike (5-2) – Pitt

Matt (4-3) – Pitt