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King of the Hill: ACC Football Power Rankings (Week 6)

NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at Duke James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s how I rank the conference teams based on what we’ve seen so far. Number in parentheses is the team’s ranking last week.

  1. (1) Clemson (5-0) - Bye
  2. (2) Virginia (4-1) - Bye
  3. (4) Pitt (4-2) - 33-30 win over Duke
  4. (3) Wake Forest (5-0) - Bye
  5. (5) Florida State (3-2) - Bye
  6. (8) Louisville (3-2) - 41-39 win over Boston College
  7. (7) North Carolina (3-3) - Defeated Georgia Tech, 38-22
  8. (6) Duke (3-2) - Lost to Pitt
  9. (10) Syracuse (3-2) - Bye
  10. (11) Boston College (3-3) - Lost to Louisville
  11. (13) Virginia Tech (3-2) - Defeated Miami, 42-35
  12. (9) Miami (2-3) - Lost to Virginia Tech
  13. (12) North Carolina State (3-2) - Bye
  14. (14) Georgia Tech (1-4) - Lost to North Carolina

With nearly half the league on byes, we only had four ACC games this week. Not a ton of movement for most teams but a few notable things here.

You can make a case for Virginia Tech leapfrogging Boston College. After all, they beat Miami while BC lost to Louisville. But Boston College also beat Virginia Tech earlier this year, so I’m not willing to put the Hokies ahead for now.

Finally, I flip-flopped Pitt and Wake Forest, even though the Panthers clearly struggled in the second half against Duke. But at the end of the day, that should be a very solid win. I remain utterly unsold on Wake, who is perfect but does not have the kind of resume Pitt does. We should learn a lot more about Wake in the next couple of weeks when they host Louisville and Florida State - both of which I could see defeating them, even on the road.

What about you? What does your ranking look like?

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