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(Don’t) Bet the House; Pitt vs UNC Picks

The staff makes their picks for Pitt’s nightmare game

NCAA FOOTBALL: SEP 24 Pitt at North Carolina Photo by Andy Mead/YCJ/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Pitt has the 3rd most wins out of any school since Narduzzi came on board in 2015. Narduzzi has beaten every single one of his Coastal opponents, save for one.

The University of North Carolina. Pitt has not beaten UNC since it joined the ACC. It has lost 6 games in a row.

The average scoring differential in those 6 games? 4.3 points. UNC has been a nightmare for Pitt to face, losing in usually the most aggravating ways. It’s fair to say UNC alone has had a significant affect on Pitt’s reputation as a program the last 6 years. Let’s review how since Narduzzi arrived:

2018 Pitt: often described as “falling ass backwards into the ACC championship” (which isn’t an accurate description to begin with) largely because they only had 7 wins with a loss to a 2 win UNC team.

2017 Pitt: Pitt’s loss to a 3 win UNC team cost them a shot at a bowl game and a .500 record

2016 Pitt: This 1 point loss cost Pitt a 9 win season, but would not have made a difference in the standings.

2015 Pitt: Pitt’s loss to UNC cost them the Coastal Division, and likely a top 25 ranking through most of the year.

So, how does the Cardiac Hill staff think think the 2019 game is going to go? We’re pretty split actually. Personally, I’m not going to pick Pitt to win this game until they finally do beat UNC.

Pitt’s actually favored in this game both in Vegas and in S&P+. This will in all likelihood be a close game. Pitt finally has the defense to compete with most of the ACC’s offenses, but now the offense isn’t quite where it needs to be. Your guess is as good as our’s at this point.

Anson (6-3) – Pitt

JD (6-3) – UNC

Jordan (6-3) – Pitt

Stephen (6-3) – Pitt

Corey (6-3) – UNC

Mike (6-3) – Pitt

Matt (5-4) – UNC