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King of the Hill: ACC Football Power Rankings (Week 3)

NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at Penn State Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Another weekend of action in the ACC and another week of power rankings. Here’s how I rank the conference teams based on what we’ve seen so far. Number in parentheses is the team’s ranking last week.

  1. (1) Clemson (3-0) - Routed Syracuse, 41-6
  2. (2) Virginia (3-0) - 31-24 win over Florida State
  3. (6) Louisville (2-1) - 38-21 win over Western Kentucky
  4. (8) Wake Forest (3-0) - 24-18 win over North Carolina
  5. (4) North Carolina (2-1) - Lost to Wake Forest
  6. (10) Miami (1-2) - 63-0 win over Bethune-Cookman
  7. (9) Florida State (1-2) - Lost to Virginia
  8. (11) Pitt (1-2) - Lost 17-10 to Penn State
  9. (3) North Carolina State (2-1) - Lost 44-27 to West Virginia
  10. (5) Boston College (2-1) - Lost 48-24 to Kansas
  11. (7) Virginia Tech (2-1) - 24-17 win over Furman
  12. (12) Syracuse (1-2) - Lost to Clemson
  13. (13) Duke (2-1) - 41-18 win over Middle Tennessee
  14. (14) Georgia Tech (1-2) - Lost 27-24 to the Citadel

After this weekend’s games, I’m not sure ranking these teams is any easier than it was in Week 1. I doubt anyone would have much argument with No. 1 and No. 2 but beyond that, we’ve got chaos.

NC State and Boston College had lopsided losses and had to suffer. Wake Forest keeps winning, though I’m not sure they hang that high for long. And I’m still not convinced Miami is awful. With some rough losses by NC State and BC, I bumped them up after a blowout win.

Pitt and Florida State both move up a few spots with close losses to quality teams. And Virginia Tech probably has the biggest gripe, falling several spots with a close win over Furman. Problem is they need to remain behind Boston College, who has the same record and who beat them head to head. We also still have no idea about Duke who has easily beaten bad teams and was blown out against Alabama.

In short, things are a mess right now.

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