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(Don’t) Bet the Farm - Pitt Vs Central Florida Picks

The staff picks Pitt’s fourth game of the season

NCAA Football: Stanford at Central Florida Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Cardiac Hill’s staff unanimously picked Penn State last week, and we never wanted to be more wrong than during that 4th and 1. Sigh.

The season rolls on, however, and for the fourth game in the row, the staff is all picking one way. I have a feeling this will start to break up after the Delaware game, but for now we feel pretty united in how these early games are gonna go.

Here are the picks:

Anson (2-1) - UCF

JD (2-1) - UCF

Jordan (2-1) - UCF

Matt (2-1) - UCF

Stephen (2-1) - UCF

Corey (2-1) - UCF

Mike (2-1) – UCF

It’s probably not shocking that we picked the team that beat Pitt by 31 points last year, and who has demolished their first 3 opponents of the year. That includes a worse-than-it-looks 18 point win over Stanford, who beat Pitt last year in the bowl game. Funnily enough, UCF is at the same Top 25 ranking (#15) as it was last year when it played Pitt.

While UCF doesn’t have McKensie Milton playing still (328 yards, 4 TDs versus Pitt in 2018), it does have Dillon Gabriel, who has 728 yards on the season on 61.3% passing with 9 touchdowns and zero interceptions to start the year. While I don’t think this UCF team is quite as good as years past, I do just have a hard time seeing Pitt pull this upset even at home. UCF has proven to be a legitimately good team that’s capable of beating the pants off some good teams. Pitt hasn’t quite proven they’re a good team yet, so it’ll be an uphill battle to win this one tomorrow.

But hey, most of us thought they’d get blown out by Penn State, and we all know how that one turned out, for better or for worse.