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King of the Hill: ACC Power Rankings (Week 7)

NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at Boston College Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

Not too much movement in this week’s power rankings. In the top ten, only two teams flip-flopped.

Minimal shuffling the rest of the way, though there was a bit more movement at the bottom. It might seem like we’re starting to settle in a bit but my guess is we’ll still see quite a bit of movement by the time the year is over.

Georgia Tech moving up two spots after getting absolutely steamrolled by Clemson is more about making a slight correction to really slot Duke and Syracuse more appropriately — in the basement. Syracuse, of course, beat Georgia Tech. But they also have one more loss and I’m not sure losing by 17 to an undefeated Liberty team that hasn’t beaten anyone is worse than Georgia Tech getting dumped on by the best team in the country.

Plus, dropping Duke and Syracuse a bit allowed me to rank Florida State and Louisville ahead of them — which is probably where they belong. That was more important than rewarding Syracuse for a win over a bad Georgia Tech team three weeks ago.

  1. (1) Clemson (5-0): 73-7 win over Georgia Tech
  2. (2) Notre Dame (4-0): 12-7 win over Louisville
  3. (4) Miami (4-1): 31-19 win over Pitt
  4. (3) North Carolina (3-1): 31-28 loss to Florida State
  5. (5) Virginia Tech (3-1): 40-14 win over Boston College
  6. (6) NC State (4-1): 31-20 win over Duke
  7. (7) Boston College (3-2): Lost to Virginia Tech
  8. (8) Pitt (3-3): Lost to Miami
  9. (10) Wake Forest (2-2): 40-23 win over Virginia
  10. (9) Virginia (1-3): Lost to Wake Forest
  11. (13) Georgia Tech (2-3): Lost to Clemson
  12. (15) Florida State (2-3): Beat North Carolina
  13. (14) Louisville (1-4): Lost to Notre Dame
  14. (11) Duke (1-5): Lost to NC State
  15. (12) Syracuse (1-4): 38-21 loss to Liberty

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