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Postponements - How’s It going?

The ACC decided to play football in a pandemic. How’s that working out so far?

Syndication: The Greenville News
cheerleaders and limited numbers of fans wear masks at a Clemson football game.
Ken Ruinard via Imagn Content Services, LLC

When the ACC decided to go ahead with football season, they knew it was likely that some games would have to be postponed or even cancelled. How many have actually been affected so far, and how well has the season been managed? At the time it was published by CBS Sports College Football News, there were 35 games either postponed, cancelled or replaced; since then, one more game has been cancelled at the time of this writing.

So far only four ACC football games have been affected* by the pandemic:

(note: I didn’t count the Duke Blue Devils/Virginia Cavaliers game which was moved up to an earlier date to make room for a postponed game later in the season).

Many probably find it surprising that so few ACC games have been altered, but I think it speaks to the effectiveness of the plan put forth by the conference before the first game was played. Two of the premier medical schools in the nation - Duke University and the University of Pittsburgh - reside in the ACC, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they were able to come up with a viable plan to play football.

Will there be more cancellations? Maybe, but if there are, the ACC actually has a plan to make up at least some games (unlike a certain conference which is trying to play without any bye weeks, but we won’t discuss that here).

So far, so good...