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King of the Hill: ACC Power Rankings (Week 9)

NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at Boston College Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

Here are the latest ACC power rankings for Cardiac Hill. Not a ton of movement with the top teams mostly winning and the bottom teams mostly losing. But a few things of note.

The big upset this week was North Carolina losing to Virginia, so I flip flopped them with Wake Forest. Of the four 4-2 teams, Wake is the one that continues to grab my attention. One of their losses was to Clemson and the other was a three-point loss to NC State on the road. Those were both the first two weeks of the season and they’ve won four straight. So, why are they ahead of NC State? Because the 4-2 teams have all beaten up on each other to some degree and they’ve all got losses to each other. And of those teams, Wake has been the best lately.

Virginia is the biggest mover as a result of their win over Carolina. They move up three spots to No. 10 and can easily leapfrog the teams that were ahead of them as they haven’t lost to any of them. All of Virginia’s losses have been to the top seven teams.

Duke had a big win over Charlotte but I don’t know how you can move them up over any of the teams in front of them, so they remain at No. 14. Their two wins are the weakest of anyone in the two-win group — beating Charlotte and Syracuse.

  1. (1) Clemson (7-0): 34-28 win over Boston College
  2. (2) Notre Dame (6-0): 31-13 win over Georgia Tech
  3. (3) Miami (5-1): Bye
  4. (5) Wake Forest (4-2): 38-14 win over Syracuse
  5. (4) North Carolina (4-2): 44-41 loss to Virginia
  6. (6) Virginia Tech (4-2): 42-35 win over Louisville
  7. (7) NC State (4-2): Bye
  8. (8) Boston College (4-3): Lost to Clemson
  9. (9) Pitt (3-4): Bye
  10. (13) Virginia (2-4): Beat North Carolina
  11. (10) Georgia Tech (2-5): Lost to Notre Dame
  12. (11) Louisville (2-5): Lost to Virginia Tech
  13. (12) Florida State (2-4): Bye
  14. (14) Duke (2-5): 53-19 win over Charlotte
  15. (15) Syracuse (1-6): Lost to Wake Forest

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