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Charlie Partridge clarifies Pitt decision to skip postseason

The Pitt associate head coach revealed "over 90 percent" of players on Pitt's roster voted against postseason play

Austin Peay v Pittsburgh Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Pitt announced on Friday night that its football team would not be participating in the 2020 postseason due to the unusual strain placed on the team this year by the COVID-19 pandemic. Pitt joined Boston College in doing so, and in both cases, the decision was made after the teams discussed the matter and held a vote.

However, as has been the case with many things in 2020, the announcement became a point of controversy for some who failed to grasp or ignored the fact that the team voted on the decision. And as a result, Pitt associate head coach Charlie Partridge took it upon himself to set one malcontent straight.

“Admin and coaches wanted to play a bowl game,” Partridge said in a message posted on Twitter on Saturday morning. “The players voted over 90 percent to not play. The stress on them has been immeasurable. Haven’t left dorms or apartments since June 8 [for anything] other than football. They’re grateful admin had their back for not wanting to play.”

Partridge’s statement came in response to a Florida Atlantic fan who publicly suggested that every Pitt and Boston College player enter the transfer portal in response to the decision. However, it seems that will be an unlikely choice for the vast majority of players.

In Pitt’s statement on Friday, it was noted that the players voted on the decision, but the outcome of the vote was not shared. Partridge’s incite on the vote that took place clarified that particular facet of the situation.

There are 109 players currently listed on the Pitt roster, so a vote of more than 90 percent would mean at least 98 of the 109 players voted in favor of voluntarily bringing the 2020 season to an end. So while a handful of players may hold a dissenting opinion on the matter, it seems they are firmly in the minority.