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ACCN Takeover: How much of it is football?

Is the ACC a football conference or not? What does the ACCN Takeover tell us?

NCAA Football: ACC Media Days
The ACC Network, an ESPN sports property
Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

ACC Network School Takeovers continue as each school in the conference gets one day to showcase some of that school’s best athletic achievements - or, at least, the ones which the ACCN has the rights to rebroadcast.

Since these are supposed to show off each school’s athletic department, I started thinking: how much of the content during the takeovers is dedicated to football (either game replays or studio shows specifically geared to that sport)? Here’s what I found:

Number of football shows by school

Team CFB
Team CFB
Boston College 2
Clemson 4
Duke 2
Florida State 3
Georgia Tech 2
Louisville 1
Miami 2
North Carolina 1
N.C. State 1
Notre Dame 0
Pitt 2
Syracuse 1
Virginia 2
Virginia Tech 2
Wake Forest 2

Where the numbers in the CFB column represent the number of ACC Network shows which are directly related to college football for that particular school.

It’s probably no surprise that the Clemson Tigers lead the way with four football-related shows (two studio, two game replays). At the other end of the spectrum are the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, the lone non-football member of the ACC which appropriately has zero football content on its ACC Network school takeover day.

In case you’re wondering, the Pittsburgh Panthers have two football replays scheduled for its takeover day: the 2008 Backyard Brawl with the West Virginia Mountaineers and last season’s game against the North Carolina Tar Heels.

To see the complete, original list - subject to change, but at least the football-related shows are highlighted! Check out “2020 ACCN School Takeovers” on ACCFootballRx.