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Pitt cancels practice after multiple players exhibit symptoms of COVID-19

Pitt canceled a football practice session on Thursday after multiple players exhibited potential COVID-19 symptoms, according to a press release from Pitt. The Panthers have held five practices since their preseason training camp began on Aug. 7, and this is the first reported incident since then in which players have displayed COVID-19 symptoms.

“Our medical team decided it was in everyone’s best interest to temporarily pause our Thursday training camp activities so that we could test symptomatic players per our protocol,” Pitt athletic director Heather Lyke said in a statement. “Based on negative test results received late today, it has been determined that we can safely resume practice on Friday.”

The names of the those who displayed COVID-19 symptoms were not disclosed, and after players and coaches were tested, there were no positive results. Because of that, the school greenlighted an immediate resumption of team practices, and the Panthers are expected to return to the practice facility on Friday.

Pitt's pause was not the only coronavirus-related practice cancelation in the ACC on Thursday, as Syracuse also did not practice over COVID-19 concerns, according to Stephen Bailey of Orange players are reportedly concerned that they are not being tested often enough. Because of that, they were tested on Thursday, and they will not return to the field until they have results.

Multiple Florida State players have also publicly expressed concerns over their program's handling of COVID-19, but there have yet to be any practice cancelations.