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King of the Hill: (Week 4 ACC Power Rankings)

Louisville v Pittsburgh Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

Another week of action in the ACC so let’s head to the power rankings. Not a ton of movement here as the best teams kept winning and the worst teams mostly kept losing.

On the Pitt front, I did move the Panthers up back over North Carolina again after dropping them a spot last week. The reason is simple — the Tar Heels haven’t been playing. They did beat Syracuse more handily than Pitt did but the Panthers have two more wins now and also picked up a nice win against Louisville. Similarly, I moved Virginia Tech up over North Carolina just by virtue of their beatdown against NC State, despite missing like two dozen players due to COVID.

I think it’s hard to make a case that Clemson, Notre Dame, and Miami aren’t the top three teams right now. But I think the next three, Pitt, Virginia Tech, and North Carolina could be put in virtually any order. Virginia’s right there, too. I gave Pitt the benefit of the doubt against those teams just with two more victories and the quality win this weekend. But really, you could put Pitt as high as No. 4 or as low as No. 6, in my opinion.

Not much movement in the rest. Syracuse jumped three spots because of a big win against Georgia Tech but that’s about it. All of the other teams after Boston College were either idle or lost.

Here are my rankings after Week 3. A team’s previous ranking is in parentheses just before their name. Let me know where you agree/disagree.

  1. (1) Clemson (2-0): Idle
  2. (2) Notre Dame (2-0): Idle
  3. (3) Miami (3-0): 52-10 win over Florida State
  4. (5) Pitt (3-0): 23-20 win over Louisville
  5. (6) Virginia Tech (1-0): 45-24 win over NC State
  6. (4) North Carolina (1-0): Idle
  7. (7) Virginia (1-0): 38-20 win over Duke
  8. (9) Boston College (2-0): 24-21 win over Texas State
  9. (8) Louisville (1-2): Lost to Pitt
  10. (13) Syracuse (1-2) 37-20 win over Georgia Tech
  11. (10) NC State (1-1): Lost to Virginia Tech
  12. (11) Georgia Tech (1-2): Lost to Syracuse
  13. (12) Florida State (0-2): Lost to Miami
  14. (14) Wake Forest (0-2): Idle
  15. (15) Duke (0-3): Lost to Virginia

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