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Gabbie Green transfers from Pitt to Louisiana Tech

The former JUCO All-American started 47 games for Pitt over a two-year span

The Pitt women’s basketball team lost a key contributor on Friday, as Gabbie Green transferred to Louisiana Tech. The former JUCO All-American started 47 games over two years at Pitt and ranked third on the team in scoring in her first year. But Green struggled in a diminished role this season.

“We are thrilled to have Gabbie join the Lady Techster family,” Louisiana Tech coach Brooke Stoehr said in a statement. “We enjoyed getting to know her through the recruiting process coming out of the South Plains and know she will be a great fit within our program and on campus. It has been exciting to reconnect and see her growth on and off the court and to see the impact she had on the Pitt program.”

Green came to Pitt in 2019 and hit the ground running, as she averaged 9.6 points and 3.3 rebounds in 31.6 minutes per game and shot 31.3 percent from beyond the arc. She also set a program record, with 60 made three-pointers, the most ever made by a junior at Pitt.

However, Green’s senior season was less of a success, as the addition of New Mexico transfer Jayla Everett, a fellow shooting guard who would become the team’s top scorer, saw her role rendered somewhat redundant. As a result, Green averaged 5.9 points and 1.8 rebounds in 20.7 minutes per per game. She also attempted 120 fewer three-pointers than she did as a junior, with Everett leading the team with 52 threes on 146 attempts.

At Louisiana Tech, Green will not only be closer to her hometown of Bellville, Texas, but she should also get an opportunity to play a larger role than she did at Pitt this season. The drop down from the ACC to Conference USA could also see her become a standout once more.

In addition, with the Lady Techsters coming off a 14-10 season, Louisiana Tech should be more competitive than Pitt, which went 5-26 and 5-14 in Green’s two years on campus. And whether the team is able to ascend to the top of its conference or not, the fact that the Lady Techsters are at least playing meaningful games and posting winning records should make this a step up over Green's last stop.