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Charges re-filed against Pitt guard Ithiel Horton

With the charges re-filed, Pitt has once again suspended the guard

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The four criminal charges against Pitt shooting guard Ithiel Horton that were dismissed during a preliminary hearing on Dec. 30, prompting Horton’s return to the team, have been re-filed. As a result, Pitt has suspended Horton again.

“The University of Pittsburgh was notified that charges had been re-filed from the incident in early November and is adhering to athletic department policies,” Pitt said in a statement. “With the charges being re-filed, Ithiel will not compete until the matter is resolved. We will continue to support Ithiel during this trying time and look forward to an appropriate resolution.”

The charges include aggravated assault, disorderly conduct, public drunkenness and resisting arrest, and they were re-filed on New Year’s Eve, the day after their dismissal. However, the first time they appeared on the United Judicial System of Pennsylvania web portal following their dismissal was on Saturday, according to Craig Meyer of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The case is now listed as inactive on the court docket sheet and is awaiting another preliminary hearing.

The charges against Horton were the result of an incident that occurred in Pittsburgh’s South Side neighborhood on Nov. 6. Police were called to a dispute involving Horton and a tow truck driver, and during that interaction, a police officer alleged that Horton struck him.

On Dec. 30, the police officer involved in the incident with Horton did not appear at the preliminary hearing due to a scheduling conflict, and as a result, the charges were dismissed. However, the officer was expected to re-file charges shortly after their dismissal.

The charges against Horton resulted in his suspension by Pitt, and the school’s athletics department said in a statement at the time that the suspension would remain in place until the legal process had been completed “to the satisfaction of the university.”

Horton was reinstated on Dec. 30, shortly after the charges against him were dismissed. And after missing the team’s first 13 games, Horton made his debut in Pitt’s 75-72 loss to Louisville, contributing 13 points. Now, with the charges against him re-filed, it appears Pitt will be without Horton until the matter is resolved.

Editor’s note: This article was updated following the announcement from Pitt that Horton was once again suspended.