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Kedon Slovis, Pitt still undecided about a return next season

All possibilities remain on the table for Slovis

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Most thought that Kedon Slovis would be a one-and-done when he decided to transfer from USC to the Pittsburgh Panthers. Slovis started the season as QB8 on ESPN’s Todd McShay’s big board and with the success of former quarterback Kenny Pickett looked like was destined to springboard Slovis to the NFL.

Fast forward to now and things don’t look as clear as they seemed before the season. Slovis and the Panthers offense as a whole has struggled and Slovis isn’t on the NFL radar after this down season. Slovis still have one year of eligibility left and according to coach Pat Narduzzi, hasn’t had the conversation yet in regards to Slovis’ future.

“We’re going to have that conversation,” Narduzzi said. “I think let’s let the season play out. Really have not had it, and you’ve got Senior Day in two weeks. We’ll have to figure it out soon who’s going to walk out there, who’s not.”

Even if Slovis take part in senior day festivities, that isn’t a sure thing that he would have decided to leave the program at that point.

“Again, as you guys know, some guys will walk out for senior day and some guys won’t, and it doesn’t mean they aren’t going, either,” Narduzzi said. “There’s decisions to be made for a lot of people come the end of the season.”

Through the ups and downs of the season, one thing that has not changed is Narduzzi’s commitment to Slovis. Referencing back to previous press conferences, it seems like this decision will come down more to if Slovis wants to come back, and not if Pitt will want him back.

“I would do it all over again,” Narduzzi said. “I think (Slovis is) very, very talented and he’s got another year. I would imagine, in another year, he’s gonna be a heckuva lot better than he is this year.”

With the news of Kenny Minchey deciding to keep his commitment to Pitt and even enroll early, the quarterback room has the potential to be pretty crowded. Still, in today’s college football there is always potential for players to move on. There is no way to know yet if Nick Patti or Nate Yarnell will decide to return to Pitt next season in a backup role with Minchey and Slovis still on the roster.

One thing seems like a sure bet based on history, if Slovis does decide to return next season, expect him to be the starter.