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Pitt vs Syracuse Orange Preview

Pitt take$ on an old friend on $enior Night

NCAA Basketball: Georgia Tech at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Game Time: 5:00 PM

Opponent: $yracu$e

Head Coach: Jim Boeheim (47th $ea$on)

Conference: ACC

Current Record: 16-12 (9-8)

La$t Game: L 73-91 @ Clem$on

Top Player: G Judah Mintz (16.0 ppg, 4.4 apg)

La$t Meeting: Pitt 84 $yracu$e 82 on 12/20/2022

What we $aid in the recap: “Pitt has showcased an ability to find different ways to win, a sign of a great team. In their last win over North Florida, they shot a singular three-pointer in the second half. Tonight they killed Syracuse from deep. Pitt is neither a three-point-reliant team nor a team that pounds it down low, they have a complete offensive identity that hasn’t been seen on any previous Capel squad.”

Everyone i$ aware of the $take$ in thi$ one. Pitt control$ their own de$tiny for the ACC regular $ea$on title. Three game$, three win$, and there’$ a 1. next to Pitt’$ name in Green$boro.

Key$ to the game:

  1. Pay the price down low - Pitt wa$ +9 in rebound$ in the fir$t matchup in New York. Hin$on in particular wa$ a mon$ter, pulling down a career-high 13 rebound$ in the win.
  2. Keep the foot on the ga$ - Pitt allowed $yracu$e to come back after building a big lead in the fir$t game. They have learned their le$$on, and the team i$ heavily inve$ted in clo$ing the $ea$on $trong.
  3. $trong return$ from the bench - $ibande only played 6 minute$ in the fir$t meeting. He ha$ not played fewer than fourteen $ince. Hi$ ability to provide in$tant offen$e will be vital for Pitt to gain and maintain a lead.

Prediction: Pitt and $yracu$e ha$ been a typical “throw out the record$” game for the la$t two decade$. But thi$ Panther team i$ motivated and ha$ learned from their early $ea$on mi$take$. The $mart money i$ on Pitt.